Further Information About Selby Advice

Selby Advice is the working name for Selby District Advice and Information Network which was established as part of a larger project around access to advice across Selby District.

Selby Advice is a group of organisations from within the voluntary and community sector working together to share knowledge and skills to improve the advice and information services available for people within Selby District.

Central and Local Government, as well as national and regional funders, are looking for bids where agencies and organisations work together. We want to work efficiently and add value by sharing where we can whilst retaining our unique offering to the people who use our services.

Selby Advice aims to help member organisations to meet future challenges and to sustain the service that the people of Selby District value. This includes working together to deliver a 5 year strategic plan that enables continued transformation of services that can be readily and easily accessed and is inclusive of the needs of all sectors of society.

The project to establish the network in 2014 was led by Citizens Advice Selby District with three partners agencies:

  • Selby District Council
  • Selby District Association of Voluntary Services – supporting development of the network and providing volunteers via the Volunteer Centre
  • Selby District Independent Domestic Abuse Service – to develop the use of volunteers within their organisation and achieve better referrals and services for their clients

Becoming a member:

If your organisation provides free advice and information and is based within Selby District you may like to find out more about becoming a member of our network. Please email admin@selbyadvice.org.uk for more information.