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Chapter 3 Enterprise C.I.C

Chapter3 Enterprise CIC is a not for profit organisation. We provide support to mature people in the 3rd chapter of their lives who are currently not in employment and want to become economically active.
Our services are funded by grants awarded to us by organisations that support Enterprise in communities.

We are currently working to help people explore how they can use their lifetime’s skills, knowledge and experiences to make choices, plan their future and with renewed confidence take the first steps in the direction of a productive, exciting, enjoyable and financially sound third chapter to their lives.

This may be:

  • Getting back into the job market;
  • Setting up a business;
  • Finding educational opportunities
  • Meeting with like-minded people and sharing ideas and options by attending one of our monthly networking clubs
  • Finding the right volunteering experience; or
  • Just finding an activity or adventure they had not thought about that might add interest and focus to their lives





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Another part of our business focuses on supporting employers – local businesses, companies and organisations who:

  • want to keep their mature staff fully engaged and fully productive; and
  • want to support them as they prepare to leave their employment and help them transition into the next phase of their lives.


We provide specialist consultancy and support in this area.

We work with:

  • Caring employers who want to do as much as they can to support their mature staff as they set off on a new path and provide them with the confidence and tools they need to take full advantage of the new opportunities that it presents. Employers who are shedding staff through:
    • Retirement;
    • Early retirement;
    • Redundancy – voluntary or compulsory
  • Employers who need to prepare for the significant skills shortages that will present in the near future and need some assistance in finding the right way to recruit and retain older workforce whose values and lifetime skills, knowledge and experiences are in some cases undervalued.

Trade unions are becoming alert and aware of the looming problems that the aging workforce will have on the labour market and already we are working in partnership with one Trade Union to equip their members with the tools and foresight they need to ensure a financially sound, healthy, secure and fulfilling future.

Look for Chapter3 Enterprise CIC or look for our directors’ pages:

  • Lindsay Cameron
  • Terry King OBE
  • Dianne Tew

For further information or to contact us please email Lindsay Cameron at