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Community First Credit Union

Community First Credit Union is a not for profit organisation that is owned and controlled by its members. We offer a wide variety of financial services including Junior/Adult savings accounts.


  • Budget account
  • Personal loans
  • Business loans
  • Savings accounts
  • Junior Savings accounts
  • Online banking
  • Prepaid debit card
  • Tenant Support scheme

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
Head Office: 1 Main Street, Mexborough, S64 9LU

Further Information

Budget Account:

The Budget Account helps you manage payments to and from your account. This can ensure you do not is critical payments, like mortgage, rent or electricity. Taking away worries and concerns allowing you to just get on with your life.

Personal Loans:

A new or newer car, a holiday, a washing machine, something just unexpected or just tidying up your finances, then the credit union provides a number of affordable loan products based on an individual’s personal circumstances.

Business Loans

Whether you wish to start a business, your business has outgrown its space, you need to purchase new equipment or you need new staff. You can count on the Credit Union to provide a business loan solution at a competitive rate with flexible terms.

Savings Account:

This is the account you receive the day you join the Credit Union.

You can have your wages, benefits, pensions or any payment paid into your account. It allows too for the acceptance of electronic payments through the credit union’s Payroll Deduction Scheme.

There is no minimum deposit amount, you can deposit as little or much as you wish.

Junior Savings Accounts:

Starting a savings habit when you are young can give your child or dependant a better understanding of how to manage finances and how to save.

Junior members can also get access to the new prepaid debit card which allows them to withdraw easily any time, especially important in times of emergency. Parents/guardians have full access over this account so they are able to check on what is being spent and can place restrictions on the account.

Online Banking:

You are able to view and manage your accounts online. From requesting a transfer of money to personal bank accounts to obtaining an electronic statements, even applying for a loan.

Prepaid Debit Card:

This is a card loaded with money from your account in a manner agreed with you in advance.

The card can be used at ATMs, as well as for online purchases or when out shopping (this included cash-back when you are shopping.) As the card can be used outside of our working hours it offers you greater flexibility to access your money; day or night.

Additional benefits include cash-back and discounts at certain retailers.

Tennant Support Scheme:

The Credit Union works in partnership with a wide variety of councils, housing associations and private landlords in order to assist individuals who have fallen into hardship paying their rent. This is a referral system set up to help people get back on their feet by helping them pay of their arrears and assisting them in managing their finances to ensure their bills are paid.