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Perennial is an Occupational Charity for anyone who works or has worked in horticulture and their dependants.

Help with major life events: bereavement, retirement , redundancy, relationship breakdown, illness, disability and debt.


  • Assist with all benefits from identification to Upper Tribunal and represent – Members of the National Association Welfare Rights Advisers.
  • Represent at Court Actions, Evictions and Repossessions- Members of Institute of Money Advisers
  • Authorised intermediaries for Debt Relief Orders, Negotiate with creditors, Bankruptcy and DRO’s fees paid.
  • Provide Budgeting Advice
  • Advocate on housing and social care.
  • Award grants
  • Free Legal Helpline

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
0800 093 8457
Contact Helen Waddington, Head of Casework
01372 869927
PO Box 211 Selby YO8 1EB

Further Information

We have an online application on or can contact the advice line on or 0800 093 8543, Debt Advice Line 0800 093 8546

Our team is based throughout the UK and we have 3 members of staff working within North Yorkshire