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The Big Communi-Tea

The Big Communi-Tea provides information, places of safety and sign-posting to support well-being for all

  • Free drink from participating cafes for the elderly, the vulnerable, the lonely, the mental-health sufferers and anybody that feels in need
  • Support network for the whole community
  • Mental health first aid, suicide prevention and safeguarding
  • Peer-to-peer support network
  • Volunteering opportunities

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
07966 218898 John
07341 443045 Jenny
Hope Yard 67 Micklegate Selby YO8 4EA

Further Information

What is it?

The idea behind this project comes from the following.

The need for ongoing Community support that is not heavily reliant on funding that can cease or be moved to another project. Basically, if a Charity or Support organisation loses funding it relies on to provide a service, it is the clients that suffer.

What is different?

We are seting up a support network for the whole community. One that utilises existing infrastructures. For example, Café’s Shops, GP Surgeries, Leisure Centres, Libraries, Churches etc.

We will provide training to all key personnel within those venues that are supporting the initiative on Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention, and Safeguarding. All participating organisations and venues will display a readily identifiable sign in their window, or reception areas to show that not only do they support the idea, but that they are actively supporting the community they work in.

We are aiming this service at the elderly, the vulnerable, the lonely, the mental health sufferers, and anybody that feels in need. We are trying to catch people before they fall into the spiral of needing Mental Health Support services, and at those already using those services, to help lift them up. This enables people to feel part of something, and all this starts with a cup of tea/coffee and a friendly welcome.

It will give an opportunity to access all organisations and services that support vulnerable people. Each venue will become part of a Peer to Peer support network that can help individuals across Selby and North Yorkshire whilst removing some of the reliance on frontline Health Services, reducing stigma allowing people to talk about their issues in a supportive, safe, environment.


The base Café, Hope Yard, will run without initial funding.

The initial costs will be for advertising, a website, printing of signs and information documents, and overheads at Hope Yard Café. All we are looking for is to cover the cost of a hot drink.

The initial launch will be cards with a teabag attached people will be able to take into any of the participating Café’s and get a free drink. With the support of other organisations, this should get people out of their homes, into town, and talking to their peers. The cost of this to the Café owner will be the price of hot water and milk, and should bring in unique users to their business.

Once up and running we will also be offering regular activities including, Art, Pottery, Glass making, knitting, Also Advocacy services and Citizens Advice sessions from Hope Yard. We will also be asking for professionals from all the support services to volunteer and provide a presence 3 hours per month to support and offer advice to customers and/or service users or just to help in the Café providing tea and coffee.

We will also set up ‘Pay It Forward’ in all participating businesses, and a ‘Just Giving’ page where we will ask for Just £1.50 to buy someone in need a hot drink. The idea is that if the main funding avenues run out, the project will always carry on.

This is not new, or blue sky thinking. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel, just trying to make it fit the right vehicle to support the people of Selby.