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WEA delivers Adult Education courses in communities across the UK including a variety of venues across Selby District.

We help people to improve learners’ health and well-being, as well as develop their skills e.g. to return to work maybe after caring responsibilities or illness. We are helping build communities where people co-operate and socialise in an informal and friendly environment.

Most of our courses have a fee although tuition is usually free for students in receipt of an income-related benefit or reduced if on a low income. The majority of our courses do not lead to a formal qualification although we have some courses that that do.

Our courses are part time and usually run during the day, mostly on weekdays, but we also run evening classes and occasionally at the weekend. They are typically around 10-20 hours in length, for approximately 2 hours per week.

Courses are online and face to face in local community venues.

More information about the courses we offer can be found on our website or by calling 0300 303 3464

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
0300 303 3464
National Support Centre, Leeds

Further Information

07769 284120 (Selby District Educational Co-ordinator, Su Morgan)

Full details of all courses, eligibility for free tuition and other support are available on

If you are aware of a demand for a particular subject or course please contact Su Morgan to see if WEA can help to arrange it in your local area.