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Wilberforce Trust

The Wilberforce Trust are committed to supporting people with sight loss and hearing loss, we do this through our supported living accommodation, low vision clinic, visual awareness training, sensory awareness sessions and activities within the living and learning zone.


Our vision is to see a world in which all people with sight loss, including those with other disabilities, are truly integrated in society with equal opportunities in all aspects of life, and to know that our passion and commitment have been influential in bringing this about.


Our mission is to be a leading provider of high quality support, training and care services, and to create opportunities, for people with sight loss, including those with other disabilities; to encourage and facilitate the development of these on a local, regional and national basis by being a model of good practice. Our aim is to do this in a way which enhances the quality of life of those we work with.

Location and Contact Details

Contact Details
01904 760 037
49 North Moor Road, Huntington, York, YO32 9QN

Further Information

Volunteering with the Trust is a great way to support individuals with sight and/or sensory loss in York and Tadcaster. We have a variety of volunteer roles which we are currently recruiting for:

Sensory Activities Support Volunteer – We regularly put on sensory activity sessions for the individuals we support, whether that’s for our tenants or members of the public. We provide a range of activities, from crafts and baking sessions, active and calm sensory sessions, to parties and celebrations and music and exercise sessions. We are looking for volunteers to support or facilitate these sessions, and to help with planning, organising and promoting these activities. We are also keen to hear from you if there are specific activities you’d like to facilitate.

This role supports us to be able to provide a variety of activities to individuals who we support and engage with, on a regular basis and providing a range of options, and so enhancing the lives of local people with or supporting someone with a visual and/or hearing impairment, as well as other disabilities.

Visually Impaired Kids Club Support Volunteer – Bringing up a family is rewarding, joyful, hard work, frustrating and many other things at times. If one of your children is blind or has a visual impairment, it can be a lot more complicated.

Life costs more for disabled children and their families. This can put a strain on relationships as parents struggle to cope. Things like childcare, transport, therapies and specially adapted equipment all stretch family budgets so that days out, treats and holidays may have to take a back seat.

We believe in enabling everyone to achieve their potential regardless of their disability. Anyone can be affected by sight loss and it is our goal to help to smooth out the bumps in the road that parents of blind children encounter.  Which is why we have set up Club Wilber.

We need volunteers to support the activities and events which we put on for these children and families; from facilitating activities, organising and supporting events, helping us to create materials for sessions, supporting sports events and much more.

This role enables us to provide opportunities to young visually impaired children which do not currently exist elsewhere, enhancing their lives and those of their families, and supporting them to develop skills.

Volunteer Community Engagement Officer – Could you engage with a range of people to raise awareness and understanding of living with visual impairments and other sensory impairments such as hearing loss, encourage people to engage with services and activities, and have proven experience of facilitating groups? We are looking for a volunteer to develop and facilitate focus groups, identify and contact organisations to book in talks, develop and deliver talks to these groups (the latter is optional) and share your own personal experiences of sight and/or hearing loss (where relevant).

To find out more or for an application form, please contact Pip Myring via email –