Where our funding came from and what it was for

The Advice Service Transition Fund was made available during 2013 and was administered on behalf of Central Government by the Big Lottery.

The funding was to support advice and information services within Selby District to find different ways of working together more efficiently to prevent duplication of services, make the best use of resources and achieve better communication with the ultimate goal of coordinating and improving services for the communities and people of Selby District.

Citizens Advice Selby District, along with its partners, successfully bid for funds, securing £250,000. The funding had a clear focus on agencies working together and identifying cost savings from that process.

A key requirement of the funding was for Selby Advice network members to develop and agree a five year strategic plan to both safeguard and improve information and advice offerings in the community. By working together we are better prepared to bid for funding and to deliver value for money to those who invest in us.

Now that the network is established and the funded period is complete, the network members contribute a small annual fee to cover the running costs of the website.